Social Responsibility Commitment

Lincoln Casino recognises that for a small group of people, gaming may be a problem adversely affecting their personal lives and the lives of those closest to them. What is for the vast majority of participants an enjoyable leisure, social activity can for a small percentage of the population become a problematic behaviour. Similarly, shopping, the consumption of alcohol, eating, and physical exercise are a few examples of otherwise normal activities if unmanaged, abused or used as a mechanism to escape everyday problems and inner conflicts can become a problematic activity. We at Lincoln Casino believe that we have a responsibility as the provider of gaming products to promote responsible gaming and ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment.

Know Your Limit

Managing your bankroll responsibly is the best way to enjoy the wagering opportunities available at Lincoln Casino while not getting in over your head. To help our players keep track of their bankrolls we offer them the options of setting monthly spending limits and opting-out or even blocking themselves entirely from all wagering at Lincoln Casino. For more information on how we can help you manage your bankroll you can contact us.