Jacks or Better

Video Poker fans - look alive! Jacks or Better is one of the almost countless variations of the casino favorite Table Game, and is available to be played on your mobile device at a moment's notice - just download the casino software on a compatible platform (Android or iOS). One thing that Jacks or Better has going for it, is that you can win big with just a single hand. If you're familiar with Draw Poker, then you'll get the hang of this simple variation in no time at all. The most pertinent aspect is how the game starts: the dealer hits you off with 5 cards, and you can keep them to bet with, or tank them in favor of a new handful.

Playing Jacks or Better Online

Jacks or Better is Video Poker, so it should be easier to keep track of everything. Before you initiate game play, it's in your best interest to understand the hands and how the game is played.

  • The vaunted Full House combination is when your hand has three identical cards as well as two identical cards. For example, three 9s and two Queens.
  • Even better, the Flush is when all five cards you've been dealt have the same jacket.
  • "High" card refers to a card that is at least a Jack. Low refers to all cards beneath the Jack, of course. As a side note, "High" Poker symbols are mostly the ones that appear on Slots games - although, 9 and 10 are considered Low cards, and yet they appear on Slots, too.
  • The Straight Flush is pretty good, too - it's five cards of the same suit up to the highest Low jacket of 10.
  • Straight - minus the Flush - means you have five cards in order, but the jackets are different (they can be the same - then it's not merely a flush, but a Straight Flush)
  • The Royal Flush is the best hand in Jacks or Better Poker - it means you have a dazzling five card set of matching jackets in order, from Low card 10, to High card Ace. For the biggest payouts, this is the winner.

There are other combinations, of course, with varying payouts; the above represent some of the most lucrative. Head on over to your favorite online casino, download the software, and hit up Jacks or Better to see why this simple game is a fan favorite.