Vegas Strip Blackjack

As any casino gamer - whether online or offline - knows, Blackjack is the most popular casino game of all time. Perhaps it's the simplicity, along with the chance to still win sizable amounts of cash. Mobile slots may be more varied with their numerous different themes, but Blackjack takes the cake in terms of popularity on the tablet or Smartphone.

With this said, Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most popular variation. There are numerous Blackjack interpretations these days, and you're sure to find them in the Specialty Games or Table Games sections of most online casinos. It is recommended that you start off with the simpler Vegas Strip variant, however, before moving on to the more complex options.

What is Vegas Strip Blackjack All About?

First of all, the interface is arresting - because it's online, you get to experience a lot more pizzazz and animation than in the casual brick and mortar, land-based casino. The graphics are smooth and lack any annoying glitches, so that you become immersed in the game and can focus on the experience. There are four decks containing 52 cards, which you use to try and hit as close to the number 21 as you can to beat out the other player (computer AI). Just like in other Blackjack variations, you can split cards, double them up and more to chase that magic 21 number for a win.

Vegas Strip Blackjack has one exclusive property: no surrendering; and the game dealer can check his card to see if he has a Blackjack win. The payouts are great, and the backdrop of awesome graphics and seamless interface make for a game that makes you forget that you're playing online. Real pros remember to check the onscreen history, so that you can take an account of your betting history and how that has influenced the outcomes of each hand you're dealt and each hand you play. Vegas Strip Blackjack has left the Vegas Strip and is now right in the palm of your hand with your mobile device.