Atomic Jackpot Slots

Wager Gaming Tech is on a roll with the 3 reel Classics, and Atomic Jackpot Slot is yet another addition to the software giant’s impressive library. As with other 3 reel Classics, there’s one payline on which you can bet 5 coins. The coin sizes vary from as little as a single penny, to as much as $10 – which means the max bet is $50. Consider that the jackpot is 2500 coins, and it’s clear that you’re playing for some serious money here.

The Atomic Jackpot Slots Theme and Gameplay

The symbols on what few reels there are seem taken out some kind of futuristic biology museum. Although cool to look at; don’t be distracted – all you have to do is get three of these symbols to match and you’re in business! Although it’s in the style of a classic slot, the atmosphere in the game is very future-oriented like a more expansive Video Slot. The nuclear symbols also help you win some cash, so understand the short pay table to see what you should be excited about. There’s the physicist symbol, the atomic science symbol and the recognizable nuclear radiation symbol. As for what Atomic Jackpot Slot is missing – no need to worry, you won’t lose out just because there’s no Wild or Scatter symbol. It’s simply not that kind of slot – the wins you rack up are straight to the point with no frills attached. There are plenty of other options if you want the full, immersive experience of a themed slot – just check out the other offerings at Lincoln Slots Casino. As for this slot, you’ll find out why it’s still on the menu and beloved by many online casino gamers once you give it a spin. The short nature of the game means you can get in plenty of spins during the night, and know if you’ve won almost right away. Come and see for yourself the smooth Classic slot and the high quality background gaming sounds that accompany it. It’s located at Lincoln Slots Mobile, where all the best games by the best software providers reside.