Gold Rush Slots

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classic, 3-reel
Wild West, Gold Rush

Gold Rush Slots has landed at Lincoln Slots Mobile Casino, and we think you’ll love this addition to the bevy of Classic 3 Reel slots already in the prodigious library. If you’ve ever been to land-based casinos such as the ones in Las Vegas or in Atlantic City, then you’re already familiar with this popular game.

Playing Gold Rush Slots to Win

Here in the online space, Gold Rush Slots is a picture of convenience and straightforward play. Although simple, it does have a Progressive Jackpot for you big money seekers, with a single payline and three different betting levels. The more people cast their chips, the greater amount of money you can receive in the ending jackpot. For the best results, choose the highest (3rd) level, and if you can get three Gold Rush symbols on the payline – a huge amount of money will be yours. Some of the other benefits of such a simple slot are the clean and unfettered design, which doesn’t seek to confuse you like some of the other elaborate Video Slots. These, of course, can be quite fun from time to time; but sometimes all you want to do is win money and couldn’t care less about the graphical frills.

Gold Rush Slots Layout

For directions and guidance, all you need to do is cast your eyes to the very bottom of the Gold Rush screen – the BET, MAX BET and other symbols are conveniently displayed from left to right. Click BET for the pay table, which will help guide you in your decision on whether to play betting level 1, 2, or 3. Then, hit SPIN and see what those reels have to offer. The WIN box is to your right. One of the major benefits of gaming at Lincoln Slots Mobile is that you needn’t be tied down to a home-based computer to enjoy the games here. As long as you have Wi-Fi, your Smartphone can play the games in all their glory from anywhere. Download now and experience what other gamers are talking about – starting with Gold Rush Slot and the other 3 reel options available here.