Turkey Time Slots

Do you ever feel as though all the three-reel games you could choose from are much the same? Fruit, nothing special, and just regular wins? If so, you could be forgiven for thinking that. Mind you, if you have never played Turkey Time before, you’re in for a treat. Yes, it may make you feel hungry, but if you love Thanksgiving we think you will love this game too.

How many reels and lines can you expect?

Well, there are just three reels here of course, and you get just a single line to place a bet on.

Accessible coins to use in the game

The game was developed by Vegas Technology, so their usual range of coins from a cent to $10 is available to choose from. The game also allows up to three coins to be wagered on the line.

Turkey Time special symbols

If you want to shoot for the jackpot, you’ll need to find the pilgrim’s hat. It must appear in every spot on the payline for the payout to occur. If you played one coin, the jackpot would be 800 coins. This is doubled for a two-coin bet and tripled for a three-coin bet. The pilgrim hat is useful in other ways too though. That’s because it is a wild icon. If it helps you win a prize, it will add a 2x multiplier to give you more winnings.

Bonus features to watch for

As you play the game you will notice the pay table includes a turkey. This is a key centerpiece at Thanksgiving, so it is no wonder it turns up here. You’ll want to see it though, because it triggers a bonus feature. Yes, this is a three-reel game with a bonus. That’s cool, right? You only need one turkey to appear to go through too, so that’s another big plus. The bonus feature shows you four turkeys. The idea is to choose one to see the prize you have won. Each turkey is worth a different amount, so hopefully you will choose the best one of all.

Download and play Turkey Time slots today

Turkey Time is a catchy title and the game itself does not disappoint. For a basic slot, this one has more involved than you may have expected. We think it is one of Vegas Technology’s best three-reel games – do you agree?