Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Wager Gaming has a good one on its hands with this 3 reel, single payline Triple Flamin' 7's Slot. Among its many beneficial features, there's a Wild symbol that multiplies your payout on that winning round by a factor of three, as well as another Wild symbol - to make three overall - that introduces a 9x Multiplier into the fray. The final substitute symbol, if added to the previous two in an especially fortuitous stroke of luck, will reward the player with a considerable 4000 coin jackpot.

While it's important to note that this Classic Slot is not very complicated, there are nonetheless plenty of good things it has in store for the avid gamer. In particular, should you choose to play with money in order to reap these rewards, the Wilds and Multipliers can really put you ahead of the game if you get on a winning streak.

As for how to reckon your spending amount in the game, regulate it with the following coin denominations: you can put down 10 cents, a quarter, 50 cents, $1, $5 and $10. Given that two coins are allowed per line, the most you can bet on a single game round is $20. Now let's look at the powers of the Wild, which is assumed by the game symbol: Triple Flamin's 7s Logo. As is the generally the case with games, the more Wilds you can get on the reels, the bigger and better your payouts will be.

If you get a single Flamin' 7s Wild logo, and it functions as the substitute symbol for that round, it triples the resulting payout. Double the Wilds symbols that appear, and you're in store for a whopping 9x Multiplier of the resulting payout! Get three Flamin' 7's Logos and enjoy a 4000 coin jackpot, where the total amount of actual money you win is dependent on the coin denomination you chose at the outset of that particular game. Wager Gaming has come through once again with a great Classic Slot in Triple 7s Slot, and you should give it a shot for real money or for fun.