Swept Away Slots

Swept Away Slots is a hilarious introduction to the world of online casino gaming. It's got a quirky sense of style even on the high seas, where this little adventure takes place. You pretty much know what to expect in terms of the layout, since it's a traditional 3 reel slot with just one payline; this type is very inviting to the beginner who hasn't had much experience with slots in the offline or online world. A pristine beach is central to this slots theme. There are Bamboo trees amidst the white sand, as well as the all-important Swept Away Slots game logo. The other symbols on the reels include a Shipwreck, single, double and triple bars as befits a Classic Slot. There's also considerable Bonfire and Escape Raft just in case you spot a ship in the distance and decide to make a break for it!

Winning cash is pretty straightforward here. If you can snag three of the Bonfire symbols, then the top prize is within reach as 300 coins are delivered with a payline hit. Even better are three Swept Away Game logos; get this combo and 1000 coins are delivered into your bank account or other accepted deposit method. Do not look for the Raft to contribute anything no matter how many of these symbols show up on the reels - it's a decoy and isn't worth anything, sadly. But that doesn't take away from the gameplay, because all the other symbols produce.

If you get really lucky, and three Swept Away Game logos appear on the payline instead of merely anywhere on the screen, your win amount jumps from 1000 coins to 4000 coins. This quadrupled amount really pays off if you chose the upper coin amounts at the beginning of the bet. The Island Treasures are scattered about Swept Away Slots; download and play for real cash to start the year off right.