Slots and Poker Combined

Are you looking for the best of both worlds? Reel Poker Slots introduces us to a whole new look between poker and slot play. With over 100 ways to win and three progressive jackpots, it's no wonder the current jackpot is over $4,000! Keep in mind, this machine is looking to give people money offering multiple jackpots with a major reaching $500 and a minor just over $40. This machine is a 5 reel slot with so many combinations to win. The pay table is as follows: a straight with a 13x coin value, a flush with a 15x coin value, a full house with a 20x coin value, four of a kind with a 45x coin value, straight flush with a 1,000x coin value, five of a kind with a 2,000x coin value and so many more. As you can tell, this machine can win big.

Features You'd Love to Get

This game has the classic look of poker with the gears of a slot machine. Enjoy Free spins randomly awarded through a 15 card matching symbol game. Players will select and match pairs which will trigger a number of free spins. If you are lucky, you may even flip the 2x card which will double your spins and potentially reward you with 30 free spins! Don't miss out on a chance to try the two games that changed the face of gambling, poker on a slot machine is a game you do not want to miss.