Malt Shop Memories Slots

If you've been online playing Internet slots for awhile now, then you're almost sure to be familiar with software games maker Vegas Technology. For our purposes here, the game Malt Shop Memories is a wonderful little 3 reel, single payline slot that has a lot of appeal. The symbols are the traditional Bars, as well as Hamburgers, Cocktail Drinks, Rollers and Cars. It's a throwback to a simpler America, when no one knew what an SJW was and people valued fathers as the head of the household. Ladies wore sundresses, and skates were a thing. The 1950s were quite the grand thing, weren't they?! This slot whisks you back to that time with great fanfare, and lets you win cash and prizes while reminiscing about the symbols on the screen.

The maximum betting amount is $30 per line (there's only the one line, though). You can choose your units from 10 cents to $5 per coin as you rev up your game face for this nostalgic romp through a time long past and never to return in real life. The slot, itself, retains the old school look, feel and sound with machine beeping throughout the game. The single, double and triple Bar symbols will be very recognizable as indicative of a Classic Slot.

The other symbols are, of course, worth a mention: the Scatter is the Convertible Car, and it is embroidered with a very vintage white-gold color to add some pizazz to the presentation. The Roller Skates are also a valuable symbol, and a sufficient number of them on the reels pays out pretty well. The Milkshake symbol functions as both a Wild and a Multiplier, so try to rack up those free spins to receive plenty of chances to win again and again. It is, for our money, the most important symbol in Malt Shop Memories Slot.

Finally, check out the payuts: a huge $20,000 for a jackpot of 200 coins, as long as you chose the $10 a coin maximum denomination. Overall, the game is a nice change of pace from all the modern themes, and quite reminiscent of a lost time. Play Malt Shop Memories tonight!