Lucky Beans Slots

Lucky Beans Slot is a play on the old folk tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. If you grew up anywhere in the Western World, then you are surely familiar with this endearing tale of a fearless boy's emergence into manhood through conquering his greatest fears. The essence of the story is capture in a 5 reel, 30 payline slot that has the added feature of paying out the highest total on a single payline to the winner. So climb the stalk in search of the Giant, where you play the boy Jack, and use the symbols to pad your bank account.

Out of all the symbols on the reels, Jack is one of the most important and functions as the Wild, He substitutes for other symbols for your benefit; by completing a winning payline. He can't substitute for the Scatter symbol, though. Every time you set the reels in motion, there's a probability that the Lucky Bean random cash prize is delivered; the total amount is a factor of 200x your bet for that round. The only time it isn't applicable is if you're using a Free Spin for the round in question, so keep abreast of what's happening as you play (unless you don't mind using the AutoPlay option and doing something else while the computer takes over). There's another random multiplier feature - you can quintuple your winnings if it activates for that bet.

Another positive attribute of the game is the Lucky Beans Feature Round, in which a Bonus Game is activated once you gather 200 beans during the normal rounds. In this bonus, you have a chance to win various amounts of cash depending on the Level you occupy - whether this is Level 1, 2 or 3. In each Level, you get 6 total choices, 3 of which are yours to pick the correct prize - if you get it right, it's yours at the end of the round. Lucky Beans Slot is a worthwhile play; you can try it for free at your favorite online casino before playing for money.