Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Another addition to the Wild X slots game series from Wager Gaming Technology, this game delivers a scary Goblin theme that will be sure to please any level of slots player. If you like the classic three reels, with one payline, but with a twist or gothic theme, then get ready to watch these goblins deliver some winning combinations that will surely lead to some casino cash. But where did goblins come from, and what makes them so unique. We hear about them everywhere, but how long have they been around? Well, it turns out that goblins have been around for a very long time. It turns out that the English goblin was initially first recorded in the 14th century and is probably from unattested Anglo-Norman or similar to Old French Gobelin, already attested around 1195 in Ambroise of Normandy's or Medieval Latin. Since then, they have been depicted in movies, stories, fantasy cartoons and even in the popular Harry Potter books and movies. Now they have come to life in this classic three reels from Wager Gaming Technology, which consistently seems to find a way to embed interesting fictional characters into slots games. When you see this game, you will see that it looks just like a slots machine you would see in Vegas.

How to play Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

At the very top of Goblin's Gold, you will see the three reels to the left. The themed symbols on the reels are simple and limited but include Bars, Lanterns, Sacks of Gold and of course, the Goblins. Next to the reels on the right are the selection of paytables that you can see what you need to win. You can see all the combinations you need to get right on the machine, so you don't have to search for them. If you are a beginner slots player, this game will be perfect for you since everything is displayed upfront, and there are not a lot of different symbols to follow. For the controls, you can see them on the very bottom, and they include the spin button, the bet amount button, bet maximum, information button, the menu button, coin selector, account balance and the jackpot amount window so you can see what you can possibly win playing this game. There is even a pull arm for the realistic feel of playing the 3 reels. There is also a nudge feature that lets you manage the reels to align them up for winning combinations. Also, the autoplay button can be selected to choose the number of spins you would like it to do, so you can relax. The Goblin logo takes up a lot of space on the game but looks really cool with the orange and yellow type along with illustrations of green goblins. There is a decent selection of coin sizes to choose from, starting at $0.01, and you will have a maximum coin size bet of about $15.00. If you want to get the best rewards when you hit those winning combinations; it's best to play the maximum bet amount. Just plan your strategy to start with the lower denominations, and then when the winning combinations start coming, then increase your bet size.

Goblin's Gold Wild Slots on mobile devices

If you are out for the night looking for goblins, no problem, you can take this game with you. As with most of the WGT video slot games, they are mobile friendly and come with all the graphics, features and special effects. Keep in mind this is a simple three reels game, so you will get the same graphics as you would on the download version or the instant play option. Once you sign up for an account at a WGT powered casino, you can go to the classic three-reel slots section, and you will find the game there. If you want to play in your browser, you can select the instant play option, and you can even play for free just to test out the game. If you want to play on your mobile device, this game looks and plays great on iPhones, iPads, Samsung smartphones and tablets. It also works well on Android and Google devices. So if you are on the go, but want to keep those reels spinning, then take these little goblins with you and score some cash. To play on your mobile device, all you will need is a good wifi connection to connect to, and you will be playing in no time.

Goblin's Gold Wild X Jackpots

This game may be simple to play, but it does come with lots of ways to win cash. You will have to keep your eyes on the Goblin wild symbols to make sure you are getting all those winning combinations. The 3X time Wild symbol will give you a 3X multiplier when it comes with the right symbols. If you get three of the 9X multipliers, you will get the chance to win 2,500 coins, and if you are playing the maximum bet amount, that can add up to $37,500. The goblin symbol can also trigger the Treasure bonus round. When it does, you will then automatically enter that bonus round and unlock the treasures that are displayed. When that bonus round ends, the credits will be added to the player account. The best thing about Goblin's Gold slots is the multipliers and will continue to add to the player account when you get the 3X Wild symbols. One thing to note is that there are no free spin bonus rounds in this game, so you will have to go for the Jackpot and playing the maximum bet amount. There is no progressive jackpot in this game either, so again, you will have to keep going for the 2,500 coin jackpot. Overall, if you are just getting into slots and want to try something basic with a cool theme, then this game is for you. Also, if you just want to play some classic three reels, then this game is for you. Play Now!