Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion Slots
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classic, 3-reel

If you like fun slots with a bit of future science behind them, then wager Gaming Technology’s Alien Invasion Slots is just waiting for you to try your luck on it. It has 3 reels, a single payline, and one coin per line, which classifies it as a Classic Slot. This is good because, although the background theme is a space-infused one, it isn’t too gaudy and allows you to focus on the gameplay. The symbols on the reels are aliens, laser guns, a star ship, a planet and an unfamiliar constellation. There’s a double multiplier to help move the game along, and the coins sizes are adequate for any size wallet. All this, while you’re stranded on a ringed planet with an extraterrestrial playing slots to win money. You can’t make this stuff up!

Playing Alien Invasion to Win

The coin values start out as low as $0.10, and end up as high as $5. The laser gun is one of the preferred symbols, because it’s the wild card equivalent on a Classic Slot, and additionally delivers a double multiplier for your convenience. Of course, all these gifts come courtesy of a winning combination. As you may have guessed, three laser guns are the key; obtain these symbols at the same time on the reels and the jackpot is all yours. This large jackpot consists of 2000 coins, which tells you right away what’s at stake depending on what your line bet was. If you went for the minimum, then you’ll make out with a pretty good $200 if the three laser guns show up on the reels. If you felt lucky and slapped down the full $5 bet per line, then you’re walking away with an impressive $20,000. You decide. Don’t mess around with the Instant Play option on this one – there’s too much money at stake in Alien Invasion Slots! Download now and play tonight.