Love Bugs Slots

Rare is the man - or woman, for that matter - who doesn't remember what it's like to have been in love. Love Bug Slots is an attempt to recapture those old but powerful feelings, and let you win some cake while you're at it. The symbols are all high quality objects of affection, such as a bouquet of roses, a Love Heart, a Love Letter, a Guitar for playing love songs, some bubbly Champagne, a Box of Chocolates, Love Potion and Ruby Pendant. This is a 5 reel, 20 payline Video Slot from PartyGaming, which is a software provider that you may not have heard of, but is making waves with their great games recently.

Now here's the twist: Love Bug has nothing to do with love between humans; but between bugs! That's hilarious, because we had you fooled for a second. Don't worry though, apparently the love shared between insects is supposed to be exactly like that between flying critters. Whatever. The point is, though, that you can win loads of cash in this absurdly anthropomorphic rendition of human bonding. The jackpot is a cool 5000 coins, and it comes with five Venice Heart symbols. The Love Bug is a Wild symbol, as is the Ladybug, and they can together activate a Bonus Game that just might fill up your pockets.

To learn more about which symbols are lucrative, check out the in-game Pay Table as well as the AutoSpin feature for easy playing. It's a beautiful game that you won't soon forget, and the available coin sizes ensure that almost anyone who wants to play for real money can do just that. Of course, the free play option is also available if your mobile device supports either Android or Apple iOS; all it takes is navigating to the site and opening a Chrome or Firefox browser to access the Flash-games. Go ahead and catch the Love Bug - it doesn't have to be as costly to a man as marriage is in real life.