Treasure Trail Slots

Mining gold is a tale as old as time, ever since men first saw that unmistakable yellow gleam that has drawn the desire of women since time immemorial. Treasure Trail Slots harkens back to the time of the California Gold Rush, and is a 3 Reel Classic Slot that has a single payline to keep things simple. Despite the small size, it's still Progressive Slot that has a growing jackpot as the end-game prize. There are 27 possible winning combos, and an in-game wild and Multiplier to help improve your luck.

As you play, you'll notice - by referring to the pay table - that the total amount in the jackpot increases as more and more coins are put down by the coins from various gamers in the online space. They can be playing from different casinos! This means you can truly win a lot of cash during peak hours, so find out which those are and fire up Treasure Trail Slots. To take the Progressive Jackpot, you need three Crosses. To make things as easy as can be, consider simply pressing the Bet Max button at the bottom of the game screen.

To start playing right away, make a deposit after you download the casino software. Then, put down your wagering amount based on the available coin choices. The Treasure Chest symbol can deliver a bunch of coins depending on how many appear; this can be either one, two or three - with three, obviously, being the big one. The Cross is the Wild symbol, and can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning payline. Should it show up just one time, and the particular combo in question is a winner, then your payout total is boosted by a factor of two. Get two Cross symbols, and enjoy a quadrupled payout. There's more to Treasure Trails Slot; play today to see what the fuss is all about.