Cash Grab Mobile Slots

Let’s have a round of applause for the simple slots – these days, they seem far and few between. Cash Grab Slots is a wonderful little game with 3 reels and a single payline, so you pay attention only to the money you’re winning. There are no distracting animations or background masterpieces here; it’s for people focused on the end game. Despite its simplicity, the game is far from staid; Cash Grab Slots looks like a Classic – and certainly plays like one, too.

A Number of Ways to Win with Cash Grab Slots

You might think that there are fewer ways to win on a Slot with so few reels and just 1 payline; however, the game is set-up to pay a number of different ways – just keep spinning to land an appropriate combination. With this kind of game, it’s better to bet the max on each spin to up your chances at the big one – that means wager all 3 coins possible. A single Cash Grab Slots Wild symbol can net you double your wager; 2 symbols can quadruple whatever you bet down. By the way, should you manage to land 3 Cash Grab Symbols, then you could be in for a cool 2400 times whatever you bet that round. Do the math: given that you could bet as much as $10 three times, this could be tens-of-thousands of dollars on this little Slot machine. You’ve got help along the way to a fatter wallet; there are Multiplier symbols among the Cherries, Bars, Sevens and Coins symbols. Just remember to bet 3 coins each time you spin to fully take advantage of the Cash Grab Wild symbol – don’t miss out!

Bonus Round – Grab that Cash!

This crucial scene crops up whenever you get the Cash Grab Wild three times, and have bet the maximum amount of three coins. Once there, you have to pick from among nine bags of cash a total of four times to get all the money if you pick correctly. Just be sure not to whoop too loudly in line when playing Cash Grab Mobile Slots – there’s no need to be a show-off with all your new-found winnings.